Rules of Survival Download

Rules of Survival is another Battle Royale game that will defy your shooting abilities. Jump into the game now if you want to undergo further fierce elements. Being developed by NetEast, Rules of Survival promises to be the next successor after Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game. So if you are interested in these genres, don’t miss a chance to explore it because there are so many interesting challenges awaiting you ahead. To conquer them all, you must prepare your strategies in advance and be sure to play with nice skills. You will confront with lots of enemies from across the world in the same arena, so this battle is going to be very brutal and fierce. It’s all about kill or be killed, also, you only get one chance to live. Therefore, you have to do whatever it takes to become the ultimate survivor. Let’s get ready and set your footsteps on the battlefield!

What is Rules of Survival game about?

Rules of Survival game starts as an adventurous Multiplayer Survival Shooting game consisting of so many savage combats for the players to join. When you first spawn, you are just a weak player that isn’t equipped with any weapons yet, and searching for them is one of your main initial tasks. The plane will drop you down on a vast island that is full of risks. Your adventure will begin from here, so be sure to prepare some tactics in advance so as to cope with the dangers in time. The weapons with various other items are dispersing around some locations and can be in several buildings. You need to make up your mind on where to go to get the weapons, but you should ensure that the location is safe because the enemies can set their traps to kill you.

After arming yourself with the collected weapons and items, now it’s time for fighting! Get into some dangerous places and engage in several combats to take out all of the enemies there while defending yourself. You can set your own traps to destroy them if you want, but make sure that the enemies are completely oblivious to those traps. If you don’t want to experience the battle as a lonely survivor, you can form a team with 4 members, then, work with them to defeat the rivals. Working as a team will give you more strength, especially the allies can help you get through the dangers when you are in need of their assistance. Furthermore, teamwork is also an important factor that can lead you to the victory at the end.

There is a safe zone in Rules of Survival game, and you really need to know the way it works. The safe zone won’t stay the same from the beginning to the ending, but it will continuously shrink when the time goes by. This means that your chance of survival may be decreased through over time if you have no strategies to get through all dangers. Everybody wants to survive in that circle, and so do you! That’s why you need to kill all of them, or you can use your tactics to protect yourself. The main objective of the game is to become the last person that survives when the remaining other players fall down.

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The in-game features are so awesome to explore:

Feel free to make up your mind on whether taking part in a fight or eluding it.

Fair play is a big factor in the game.

A wide of range of weapons, items as well as vehicles are all included so you can pick your favorite ones.

With an interesting gameplay like that, the game also contains awesome features:

You can make a decision on joining a combat or just running away.

Awesome modes for you to select. You can play as a solitary survivor or make a team to play with your allies.

Installing and playing Rules of Survival on PC

It’s not hard to install Rules of Survival game on your PC. If you want to enjoy this Battle Royale game on a broad screen, just follow one of two ways below:

The first way: Directly download

You can directly download the game from the server by clicking the link below. When the download process is done, you just need to follow the steps to install it.

RoS PC Download Now

The second way: Download by Nox App Player

You should install the Nox App Player 6 installer, after that, you use your email to log into the Google Play, then start searching for the game.

Nox App Player for WindowsNox App Player for Macbook

After that, you must launch the Nox App Player, click the icon at the main interface then you can totally begin it.

The third way: Download by APK

APK file is also another good way for logging into the Google Play. You can download the file for free, then click the APK file twice to begin to install it in the Nox App Player.

Download ROS APK

How to play the game on PC

Learning the in-game controls for PC is kind of important! It’s not the same as the controls when you play the mobile version. Find out some principle keys that you can use to do the actions in the game:

  • Four basic keys, including W, A, S, D, are all used for the movements.
  • Key B is used for interacting with the bag.
  • Click left mouse button to fire the enemies.
  • Press spacebar if you want to jump.
  • Key Alt is used for gathering items.
  • The key numbers 1, 2, 3 are used for changing the weapons.
  • If you press key Caps lock, you can see the map.

Note: If you want to access the PC version, you need to be sure that the mobile version is already installed on your device, so you can log into it easily.

How to download and play Rules of Survival Mobile

  • Rules of survival game is playable on mobile devices, including iOS and Android. So you just download the game from your store and install it.
  • Tap the game icon to begin it.
  • Give your character a nickname
  • Touch Play button
  • Pick your mode and enter the game.
  • You have to tap the screen to interact with your character and perform his/her action such as punching, fighting, running, jumping, etc.

System requirement

To play Rules of Survival game on an Android device, make sure your Android version is 4.0 and up.

But if you are an iOS user and want to play the game on it, just ensure that your iOS version is 7.0 or later.