Rules of Survival is a survival and shooter game that is available on mobile devices and PC. You will become one of 120 unarmed players trying to kill the rivals for your ultimate survival. This Battle Royale game is kind of similar to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in terms of gameplay mechanics, however, ROS still has its own exclusiveness.

Rules of Survival Download (Mobile App)

When the battle begins, you will start to jump out of an airplane and use your parachute to descend on an island. The whole adventure is awaiting you ahead after you land on the ground. But you are not armed with any weapons, so roaming the locations to find them is one of your first tasks. You need to collect as many weapons as possible, gather more handy items and use them wisely to deal with a lot of enemies. You should even search for some vehicles, drive them to speed up yourself instead of sprinting. Perform your abilities as well as develop your smart strategies so you can kill all rivals and survive until the very end of the battle.

Download and install Rules of Survival

Android devices:

To play the game on your Android devices, you should download it from your Google Play store. Wait until the installation is done on your device, then tap the icon on the screen to begin the game. The required Android version is 4.0 or later.

Android Download

Rules of Survival APK:

Click here to download Rules of Survival APK full version!

APK Download

iOS devices:

If you are using an iOS device and you want to play Rules of Survival, you can go to your Apple app store to download the game. After the downloading process is done, it will begin to install on your device automatically. You just tap the icon to enter the game. The required iOS version is 7.0 or later, and it’s playable on iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch.

iOS Download

Playing Rules of Survival game

After launching the game, at the main page on the screen, you should select a server and then tap Play button.

Give a nickname to your character, choose a game mode, like solo, duo or squad, then press the Start button.

There are several actions that you have to let your character perform, like punching, running, jumping, shooting at enemies, aiming and more. To interact with him, you just have to tap the action buttons on the screen. Besides that, you can even learn the total number of the current players that are in the game too.

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