After PlayerUnknown’s Batlegrounds game has been released, Rules of Survival game follows that successful route and it promises to give you further challenges to explore. This is going to be a good chance for you to show off your surviving skills, so feel free to take it and see if you are the winner or not!

Rules of Survival game was created and developed by NetEase Games. The game is currently downloadable on Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store. But recently, the game has been released for PC, meaning the PC users can totally download then install the game on their computer.

A useful guide about playing Rules of Survival game on PC

Similar to the mobile version, the PC version still follows the familiar gameplay mechanics! When you first spawn in the game, you will be air dropped into a strange broad island with a bunch of dangers around. You have no idea about what risks are waiting for you ahead, and plus, you aren’t armed with any weapons. Hence, the first task you need to focus on is to search for weapons, useful items or even a certain vehicle if you don’t want to run. You should keep exploring the surroundings but make sure that you already prepare some tactics so you can deal with the enemies if they attack you first. This is such a fierce combat when the boundary between life and death is so breakable. It’s about kill or be killed! Also, the safe zone is shrinking gradually! You have to become the last survivor standing in that zone!

Follow some tips below if you want to play Rules of Survival on PC

  • As you know, Rules of Survival is playable on mobile devices after being downloaded from the Google Play and iTunes. But now, you can freely enjoy the game on your own computer or laptop.
  • The first thing you need to do is to download the APK app onto your computer, then begin the installation.
  • You are suggested to enjoy the game on PC utilizing MEmu App Player. Be sure to download and install that app!
  • Just ignore this step if it’s already downloaded from Google Play. But if the APK is downloaded straightly, make sure you install it by utilizing APK icon on the right side.
  • When the installation progress is concluded, it will turn up on the home screen list of apps. You need to open it, and then the initial launch will start downloading the game resources. When it’s done, you have to establish the key mapping for the first time.
  • The key mapping setting is able to comply with the main controls of PUBG. Below here is a screenshot displaying the keymapping in MEmu App Player.

How to play Rules of Survival on PC

  • Make sure that you utilize Android 5.1, Direct X+ graphic mode for a better gaming performance.

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